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Wilfred’s Story

Welcome to my place!

I wish I could put my paw on it, but I can’t tell you exactly what makes me so irresistible to everyone–I just know I’ve always had the touch!

From my earliest puppy days of delighting dozens of college kids who were missing their dogs (or who just needed puppy kisses and cuddles before exams), all I’ve ever had to do is just be myself, and the crowd loves me. Is it my shapely little legs? My sleekily pettable head? My waggily adorable rump? My confident I-do-what-I-want aura?

I bonded with one of those college fans, and her boyfriend surprised her by adopting me so we could stay together. My magic spread, causing them to get married, and soon we left their families in Idaho for the excitement of New York City so I could help them get through school.

No question I rocked that town, but I missed the fields of Idaho, which also missed me. So I came back to enchant the remaining Idaho family and mark up the entire territory to prepare it for when school was over and we could all be together again.

That was a very busy time for me. I finished raising the youngest brother, making sure he had me to play with, sleep with, eat with, and be his lookout on drives. I also taught him to keep his dirty clothes off the floor, demonstrating that there might be dogs who would eat them if he didn’t pick up after himself. It served him well when he went off to college and my New York family returned to Idaho, and I got right to work making our new house and yard feel lived in and homey.

These days, I’m responsible for keeping three little boys safe from intruders, cats, and any food they might choke on or slip on if left unattended. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but the awesomeness that’s accompanied me my whole life just keeps flowing, and I even have enough leftover charm to bring Wilfred’s Place to you.

I mark my signature bandanas only with my brand, but they’re still imbued with my powers of irresistibility. Tie them around your dogs’ necks, and just tell me your pups aren’t instantly cuter! I’m always updating the stock with new designs you won’t find anywhere else, so your own Best Friends will have a bandana wardrobe worthy of the joy they bring you.

Pawsitively Yours,

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